Summer Roleplaying

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Summer Roleplaying

Post by Niko on 2012-05-02, 07:59

As some of you are aware, I'm planning to start running a Deathwatch game after the summer break. The existing Deathwatch game is going to disappear or diminish slightly in the near future, so don't worry about too many similarities there. However in the meantime I have decided that I would like to start running a smaller, temporary game during the summer break. Partially to give those of us still in the area a way to keep playing, since existing games will be limited or paused due to people working and/or going home, but mostly to give myself a bit more experience as a GM. It would be nice to know who would be available for this game, and whether or not they'd like to participate.

I would like to run a Dark Heresy game over the summer, and then start my Deathwatch campaign in September once everyone is back. However if people are desperate for a change of scenario I could run a smaller, temporary Deathwatch game in the holiday, and then restart it after the break.


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Re: Summer Roleplaying

Post by Whisper on 2012-05-02, 20:15


Naturally I will be unable to join the summer of games. On account of going home.

Hopefully someone will be running Deathwatch after the summer so I can return to my Tactical Marine. That is unless someone takes a liking to Command over the summer in which case I am sure there are other things I could do.



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