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What's new in 40k

Post by Niko on 2012-12-09, 11:16

Recent Releases

Rogue Trader: The Soul Reaver

A new adventure for Rogue Trader, wherein the explorers delve into the depths of Dark Eldar society. Also features rules for Dark Eldar Player Characters, and a Dark Eldar career path. Very interesting, with their own unique system of "Pain Tokens" - people suffering extreme pain nearby adds a token, gain enough tokens for extra fate points, gaining no tokens in a session causes rapid insanity/corruption gain. Unfortunately more difficult to successfully integrate into a Rogue Trader party than the existing Xenos, but still very cool nonetheless.

Rogue Trader: The Dark Kin

A free supplement for Rogue Trader (available here) that adds a new melee-based career path and several alternate career ranks for Dark Eldar characters. You will still need The Soul Reaver to create a Dark Eldar character however.

Dark Heresy: The Lathe Worlds

A supplement for Dark Heresy, expanding upon the Tech Priest career path, much in the same way The Book of Judgement expands the Arbitrator career path. Features a lot of lore about the Adeptus Mechanicus, many alternate career ranks for all classes, an Adeptus Mechanicus Armoury, and plenty more. A must-have for any tech-inclined characters.

Black Crusade: The Tome of Fate

"A Sourcebook for followers of Tzeentch" - the first of the set of expansions devoted to the Chaos Gods, this book contains information about Tzeentch and his followers, as well as some new war gear and a new adventure. Unfortunately as someone who cares not for Black Crusade, I am unable to comment more about the contents.

Deathwatch: The Outer Reach

I have not had a chance to look into this book much, but it seems to be a sourcebook containing worlds, characters, settings, etc for building campaigns - as such is probably more useful to GMs than players. The description specifically mentions Necron worlds, and the front cover features Adeptus Astartes fighting a Necron surrounded by monoliths, so it would be safe to assume they are the focus of this sourcebook.

Only War: Core Rulebook

While in development, everybody seemed "meh" about the newest game in FFG's 40k system. However after flicking through one of the beta versions of the rulebook and reading the feedback players have been giving, this seems like it may be a lot more important than we seem to think. As time ticks on, the old Dark Heresy core rulebook falls further and further out of line with the latest rulesets. Much has changed within the system since its release, for example: In Dark Heresy a single shot = +0, semi-auto = +10 and full-auto = +20, whereas in Black Crusade SS = +10, SA = +0 and FA = -10. Many things have changed after feedback and various tests, which unfortunately have not made their way back to the older books.

Only War seems to be the closest thing to "Dark Heresy 2.0" - contrary to popular belief, it is not based entirely around the bog-standard Guardsmen seen in DH. When creating your character, you have the choice to be a guardsman or a support specialist, with each option having a set of specialties (career paths) available to them. The Support Specialist career paths are very similar to the career paths in Dark Heresy, with options including Sanctioned Psyker and Mordian Tech Priest. While the game does use the Imperial Guard as the overall setting, and you are serving as part of a squad, there is still plenty of the essence of Dark Heresy remaining. The most jarring change is the lack of career ranks - everything is available to you from the start. Instead there is a system in place, where your character has aptitudes - areas of expertise, or natural talent. Each advance has aptitudes associated with it, and possessing these aptitudes allows cheaper acquisition of the advances.

There are many changes to the system that will certainly put off some, and the Imperial Guard theme will definitely put off even more. However I think that Only War will provide a refreshing change to the old faithful Dark Heresy system we've been playing for years now.

Only War: The Game Master's Kit

As usual, features a GM Screen and a booklet featuring an adventure, NPCs and various tips and tricks for GMs.

Upcoming Releases

Only War: Final Testament

The first adventure book for Only War. It's fortunate that FFG are releasing an adventure so early into the game's lifespan, so as to allow players to sink their teeth into the new game with ease. I do not know any details of what the campaign features.

Deathwatch: Ark of Lost Souls

A sourcebook containing an adventure set aboard the Space Hulk Thule, as well as rules for creating your own space hulks to use in your own campaigns.

Black Crusade: The Tome of Blood

The second of the four supplements, this time focusing on Khorne - the blood god. I imagine it'll contain similar content to the Tome of Fate, only a lot more violent and angry.

Rogue Trader: Stars of Inequity

A supplement for Rogue Trader featuring rules for creating new worlds (and the dangers residing upon them) and for establishing colonies and outposts. A GM-only book.

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