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Pathfinder - Ralf GM's

Post by TokenIrish on 2012-12-10, 00:00

Just setting this up on Mark's recommendation for my already full Pathfinder game...

(Todo: Put things here...)

- Michael

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Re: Pathfinder - Ralf GM's

Post by Florin on 2012-12-10, 01:56

so just to be the first to put my backstory up Very Happy

by Florin Mazilu on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 1:57am ยท

Born in the family of empress and conqueror Kasiahma of the Drow city of Vulhash, Volundeil led a spoiled life and neved did she lack anything material.
She lived in the palace of Vulhash with her father and 2 brothers and although she was to replace her mother as the empress on her 95th birthday, the current queen showed little to no interest in her life or education, that is until the night of the blood moon on Volundeil's 93rd birthday. Although she had no affection from her mother that was compensated by her father and brothers who showered Volundeil with love and affection. Yet all that would come to an end on the night of the blood moon. On the day of her 93rd birthday Volundeil woke to an empty house, all but one guard where gone. The guard asks Volundeil to follow him as he makes his way to the throne room, there her mother waits on her throne. "Kneel in the presence of your queen" she murmurs. "Mother where is father and the boys, what is happening?" Volundeil asks stuttering. "KNEEL I SAID!!!". Volundeil throws herself on the ground in fear, although she is 93 years old that is but a teenager for a drow and never has she seen her mother so angry and scary as she is today. "You're soft daughter, you're to become empress and yet you seem more like a filthy human, with emotions and fear, than the proud drow noble females that came before you" Kasiahma climbs down her throne and walks towards Volundeil. "Raise your head" she grabs volundeil by her hair and lifts her up. " Mother you're hurting me wh....","SILENCE!!!!!" Kasiahma shouts while throwing her daughter to the ground."I know what must be done to make you wothy of the title of empress daughter" the queen makes her way towards a guard that is carying a sack and takes the sack from him. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" she says while throwing the sack at Volundeils feet. Volundeil takes the sack and empties it's content on the floor, her fathers head come rolling out of the sack, beheaded in a single clean cut , red eyes just like Volundeils but empty, lifeless.
" I removed one of your wakenesses for you, the reason you've become so soft" Kasiahma grins towards Volundeil. Volundeil pauses for a second grasping what is happening and suddenly bursts into tears while grabing and holding her fathers severed head. Kasiahma takes one of the guard's sword, pierces her former kings head and puls it out of Volundeil's grasp."No what are you doing!?!" Volundeil screams in tears."Removing the garbage of course" She flicks the sword and sends the head flying into the fireplace where it is rapidly consumed by flames. "Speaking of removing garbage" the queen signals a guard that takes his leave upon seeing the signal and throws the sword at Volundeil's feet. the guard returns with the queens other offspring."Prove you are a drow noble female, kill these unworthy males and take your rightfull place as queen of Vulhash". Volundeil grabs the sword and whipes her tears off, she starts walking towards her brothers, they make no noise and say nothing. She looks them straight into their eyes, and as tears start falling from their eyes she says "I'm sorry..." with a quick flick of her sword she pierces the guard near her brothers and starts running toward the door, she rapidly kills the two guards at the door, and turns towards her mother for one last time only to catch a glimpse of her snapping her own sons's necks.
30 years have passed since the events of the blood moon, 30 years of running, training, planning. Durring these 30 years Volundeil has found another calling in the art of stealth and assasination now she is a thief, an assassin, a ROGUE.


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